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Air Travel Health And Safety Skills

As the COVID-19 pandemic slows down, air travel and vacations are likely to resume. Now you can make good on your vacation plans. However, if you plan on flying somewhere, make sure you take the necessary precautions to stay healthy, comfortable, and safe on your flight. 

Call Centennial Medical Center to make sure that you have all necessary COVID-19 tests and medical approvals to safely board your flight. Below, we’ll dive into the following precautions that should be taken before you get on your flight:

Precautions To Take Before Air Travel


  • Get vaccinated or get a viral test.


The CDC recommends that unvaccinated vaccinated people should get viral tests 1-3 days before they travel. This way, you can determine whether or not you have the infection. 

If you have been fully vaccinated, you don’t need to take the test.


  • Learn the protocols for the state or country you are visiting


There are different rules and restrictions for different places. For example, some require vaccinated people to keep all COVID-19 safety guidelines, while others do not. By learning these rules, you will be able to prepare adequately and have a stress-free trip.

Safety Items To Pack

When traveling by air, you should be prepared for anything. So, you must pack all your essentials with you.

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Face mask
  • Healthy snacks or protein bars
  • Personal medication

Health Precautions To Take During Air Travel


  • Practice good safety hygiene


Even if you have had the COVID-19 vaccine, you should keep up safe hygiene. This includes keeping your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth and coughing into your elbow. 

You should also wipe joint surfaces with a disinfectant wipe before you share them. It will protect you from the risk of COVID-19 or other viral infections.


  • Maintain social distance


Maintain a safe distance from other passengers before and during the flight. This minimizes the risk of infection if you haven’t been vaccinated. 


  • Keep your belongings within reach.


All the items you may need during the flight should be with you before the plane takes off. You won’t have to make physical contact with passengers by reaching for your hand luggage. 

After Flight Precautions 


  • Self-quarantine


The CDC recommends self-quarantine for 7-10 days after a flight. It protects your family or people you may come in contact with from the risk of transmission. 


  • Healthy diet


A healthy diet is necessary to nourish your body and strengthen your immune system. You should drink water and have nutritious meals. 

Taking the proper precautions is essential to stay healthy and safe when you are traveling by air. Also, follow all safety protocols while you are onboard. To get a COVID-19 test or other travel medicine, visit an urgent care center near you! 

As always, Centennial Medical Center can help patients prepare for their flight with COVID-19 testing, preventive care, and same-day walk-in visits at our clinic!

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If Travel Restrictions Are Reduced Do I Still Need COVID Testing?

Air travel puts consumers at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Air terminals, security checks, crowded flights, and numerous other situations make it impossible to practice social distancing, oftentimes for consecutive hours. Because of this unavoidably crowded space, it is important that all passengers are COVID-free before boarding a flight. No matter how relaxed travel restrictions do become, it is vital that consumers continue to be tested before and after air travel. 

The Importance of COVID-19 Testing Before Travel

Testing for COVID before and after traveling is a critical step to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whether or not you are showing symptoms is irrelevant, as the virus can still be transmitted. This is just one of many steps that travelers must continue to perform to prevent the spread of the virus. It is also important to continue thorough hand washing, wear masks, and practice social distancing when possible.

Key Reminders When Flying During COVID-19

There are several key things to remember when planning a flight during COVID-19.

  • Do not travel if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or if you are positive for COVID-19.
  • Avoid high risk activities for two weeks before traveling to avoid contracting the virus. This includes events, gatherings, bars, restaurants, and other populated areas.
  • Check your destinations guidelines for testing and quarantine as requirements differ in other countries. 
  • All passengers coming to the US, even US citizens, must have a negative COVID test result before boarding a flight.
  • Stay home for a full week after travel to protect those around you.

Testing before you travel could help reduce the chance of your air travel being delayed due to COVID-19.

Travel COVID testing is still largely important for travelers that need to fly or go anywhere. Some travel restrictions have loosened, but negative COVID-19 tests are more important than ever.

Get Your COVID-19 Test Before You Fly

Testing before and after travel is more important than ever before. If we want to slow the progression of the virus, we must make sure we continue this, and all other recommended COVID-19 guidelines. For up-to-date information on COVID-19 guidelines visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) online or your state health department website. 

If you need to schedule a pre or post travel test for COVID-19, contact your local urgent care office to schedule a test. At Centennial Medical Center, we can provide COVID-19 testing that is approved for travel at any of our convenient locations. Just contact us today to learn more and get started! 

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COVID-19 Tests Available for Patients

Over the course of the past year testing for COVID-19 has improved drastically. Tests have increased in availability and efficiency. The FDA has been working diligently to increase the availability of these critical tests.  Diagnostic and antibody tests are the two main types of COVID-19 tests available. There are variations within these categories. There are also alternative methods of testing for COVID-19 that are more convenient and safe for healthcare personnel.

Let the team at Centennial Medical Center provide you with the basics about COVID-19 testing, how you can stay safe, and where to get a COVID-19 test.

What is a COVID-19 Diagnostic Test?

A diagnostic test is performed to determine whether or not the patient has an active COVID-19 infection. This test will determine if the patient needs to quarantine immediately. There are two types of diagnostic tests: molecular tests and antigen tests.

What is a COVID-19 Antibody Test?

Antibody tests measure the number of antibodies in the blood after a specific threat, such as COVID-19. Antibodies are created by the body’s immune system to fight off infection. At this time researchers are not certain what effect that antibodies will have in protecting one against COVID-19 in the future. Antibody tests are not used to diagnose COVID-19.

Alternative Tests For COVID-19 Available

There are several alternative diagnostic tests available, each with its own specific benefits.

Saliva Tests

This test allows for the patient to spit into a tube rather than the conventional throat or nose swab. Collecting the saliva specimen is often more comfortable for the patient, as well as safer for the healthcare personnel due to the distance during the collection. 

Rapid Testing

Using either variation of diagnostic testing this form of testing has a turnaround time of only minutes. Mucus is swabbed from the nose or throat and results are determined inside the doctors office. 

Combination Tests

Because COVID-19 shares many symptoms with influenza, a combination test is able to test for both of these illnesses. Some combination tests can even search for various respiratory infections at once. 

At Home Collection

These tests allow the patient to collect their specimen at home and send it to the lab. This is only available with a doctor’s prescription. 

Visit Your Local Urgent Care Center and Be Tested For COVID-19

Your local urgent care office will be able to administer whichever form of the COVID-19 test that is best for you. Call or visit them online today. For more information about the types of COVID tests available, visit the FDA website, and check back regularly for updates.

And if you ever need to book COVID-19 testing please contact Centennial Medical Center today for fast and efficient COVID-19 testing!

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