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5 Tips to Stay Warm in The Winter

Winter is not always known to be friendly. It could be brutal, and your morning commutes in the winter always feel like the longest ride. To stay warm in the winter, take a look at these tips no matter how frightful it might be outside!

1. Warm yourself

Next time you want to crank up the heat in your apartment/office space, consider putting on another layer of clothing. It is much easier to raise your body temperature.

2. Use headwear

We lose heat from any part of our body that is exposed to the air. That’s why we wear layers of clothes to maintain body heat. In addition, wearing a hat or a beanie will additionally help with keeping your body temperature up.

3. Use a ceiling fan

Do you have a ceiling fan in the room? Warm air rises up to the ceiling. That’s why a ceiling fan running on a low setting can circulate the warm air around the space.

4. Shower with both cold and hot water

We all know how pleasant a hot shower is, especially in a cold weather. However, you might want to consider switching up to cold water next time. It is proven to improve blood circulation inside your body and develop a stronger immune system.

5. Block drafts with fabrics

The key is to keep your place insulated so that the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in. If you detect any draft in your apartment, use some old clothes that you don’t use anymore and slide them under the doors. That will help with insulation.

For more information about our physicals and primary care services, call us at 410-730-3399 or stop by today!

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5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Feet


When hitting the dance floor and shopping malls this season, don’t compromise comfort and safety. Protect your feet from blisters, calluses and ankle injuries with the right shoes for the occasion.


Your feet can feel the effects of too much holiday cheer—overindulging in certain foods high in uric acid can cause painful gout attacks in your feet.


Reduce your risk of bacterial infections, including MRSA, during your holiday pedicure by choosing a salon that follows proper sanitation practices and is licensed by the state.


Holiday winter wonderlands can be beautiful but also dangerous for ankles. Use caution when traveling outdoors and watch for ice or snow patches along your trail.


Don’t let foot pain ruin your holiday fun; inspect your feet regularly for any evidence of ingrown toenails, bruising, swelling, blisters or calluses. If you have any issues, contact your foot and ankle surgeon.

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Dealing With The Flu With These 5 Home Remedies

fluIt’s the end of October. Halloween is right around the corner. While everybody is excited to dress up their kids and go trick-or-treating, a health risk is also creeping up on us: The Flu (yikes!). While the flu could be dangerous sometimes, the majority of patients could recover quickly with proper treatment and even just enough rests.

While prescription drugs could speed up your recovery, there are quite a few simple natural remedies that could help you relieve the symptoms at home. Keep these in mind for this flu season!

1. Drink water

One of the worst things the flu can do to your body is to dehydrate. If you have vomiting or diarrhea symptoms, that is even worse. That’s why staying hydrated is the most effective way to fight off the flu. Stay away from caffeinated drinks though. Caffeine is a diuretic which will make your urine take away more water. By observing your body, you can assess if you have drunk enough fluids. Your urine should be very light color or almost colorless.

2. Chicken soup

It’s been a remedy passed down through generations. Every time a kid is sick, their mom would make them a bowl of chicken soup. We all know that we feel better afterward, but is there any scientific reason for that? According to a study by Dr. Stephen Rennard at the University of Nebraska, chicken soup inhibited the migration of white blood cell that defends the body against infections. For that reason, having chicken soup really helps upper respiratory symptoms from the flu.

3. Get enough rest

When you are sick, you should get as much rest as possible. If you are too tired to exercise, don’t. If you are too tired to work, stay at home for the day. Spending the whole day in bed could be a great way to support your body fighting off the influenza virus. Also, good sleep will help your body immune system work more effectively so remember to have enough hours of sleep.

4. Humidify

If you have a stuffy nose and sore throat, breathing moist air could help ease that. Put an air humidifier or steam vaporizer in your bedroom before going to bed. You will wake up feeling much better without a stuffy nose.

5. Gargling salt water

Swishing and spitting salt water can really help with the flu. When you are sick, a thick layer of mucus collects at the back of your throat. Gargling salt water twice a day before and after sleeping can help reduce this.

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A Simple Guide To Prevent Eye Injuries At Workplace

eye gogglesEye injuries are very common at work. On average, approximately 2,000 cases of eye injuries occur every day. Of these injuries, 10-20% might lose their visions temporarily or permanently. Most of these happen where it is not required to wear safety eyewear. Many of these victims didn’t think they should wear protective wear, or wear safety gear that didn’t provide enough protection.

Eye injuries are easy to avoid if you are aware of all the risks. Follow this eye safety checklist below for instructions:

Safe work environment

  • Prevent unstable objects that could be potential hazards
  • Regularly check to make sure there are safety features
  • Train people to use the tools properly and safely
  • Restrict people without responsibility from hazardous areas

Assess potential hazards constantly

  • Perform routine checkups and assessments of work equipment
  • Maintain machinery, protective gear and worksite regularly

Wear proper eye and face protection

  • Choose the right eye and face protective gear for the job
  • Make sure the gear is in good condition
  • Make sure the gear fits well

Adopt safe work practice

  • Always shrug and brush off work debris and dust from your hair and clothes before taking off eye safety glasses
  • Avoid rubbing or touching eyes with dirty hands
  • Make sure eyeglasses are cleaned thoroughly and regularly


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Prepare Your Kids For School Sports Season

soccerMore and more parents are enlisting their kids in school sports nowadays. Besides the obvious health benefits, sports teach the players teamwork, communication, and disciplines which will groom them into well-rounded individuals. In order for young athletes to fully enjoy the experience, there are some easy things parents could do. Here are a few of them:

Let the kids prepare their own breakfast

By waking up 15 minutes earlier every day, kids can have enough time to get ready for school and make themselves breakfast. This will tremendously help develop their own discipline, which is critical to any sports team. A team can only be as strong as the players who make it up. It’s not that difficult, and you should encourage your kids to adopt this habit as soon as possible before the school year begins.

Act as a role model

“Like father, like son.” Your kids have most likely adopted your habits and behaviors, which include both good and bad ones. If you exhibit a healthy and active lifestyle, that will greatly benefit your young ones. Instead of eating junk/fast food regularly, cook up proper meals. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV all day, sign up for the gym or go for a run few times a week. Your health, and your kids, of course, will be grateful for that!

Sports physicals

A sports physicals is a series of test to determine any underlying risk of illness or injury before young athletes sign up for sports at school. Almost every school requires this examination from students before accepting them into sports programs. It doesn’t take much of your time and effort and could prevent your kids from getting serious injuries in future.

If your student athlete is joining a sports team this upcoming season, visit Centennial Medical Group for a sports physicals.

Our physicals include examinations of:

  •       Height
  •       Weight
  •       Eyes
  •       Ears
  •       Nose
  •       Mouth

Call us today to schedule an appointment at 410-730-3399.


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Why Is Physical Therapy Important?

manual releaseIf you participated in competitive sports in the past, you will understand the importance of physical therapy due to injuries. It is crucial for speeding the recovery and controlling the pain. However, you don’t necessarily have to have sports injuries to see a physical therapist. Physical therapy could benefit people of all ages who have ongoing and chronic medical conditions that restrain their body physical functions.

Every physical therapy program is customized and tailored to patient’s specific health conditions. Many people have found physical therapy helpful in getting them back to their prior lifestyle after being diagnosed with injuries or other medical conditions. Wondering what physical therapy can do for you? Here are just a few ways physical therapy could improve your life quality:

Pain Management

Many therapy exercises and techniques could help relieve pain and revitalize joint and muscle functions. Some examples of these exercises and techniques are joint mobilization, manipulation, and electrical stimulation. This could also aid in pain prevention.

Surgery Alternative

Though not guaranteed, some physical therapy programs could get rid of your injury pain and speed up the healing process. Thus, surgery might not be needed in these situations and you could save a lot of money. Even if physical therapy cannot replace surgery, you will more likely to have a better recovery after the operation.

Mobility Improvement

It is annoying, inconvenient and may even be painful when you have any kind of trouble controlling your body movements. A customized therapy program with proper strengthening and stretching exercises could certainly help you regain your ability to move.

Vascular Conditions Treatment

Excercise is a very effective way to control blood sugar when being combined with other treatments. Also, diabetes could give patients undesirable sensation in the feet and legs which could be managed with proper instructions from the therapist.

And Much More!

While physical therapy is not a perfect answer for every single medical condition, it could substantially improve the quality of your treatment. Just make sure that you find a therapist that fits your goals and scopes in order to receive the best treatment plan!

At Centennial Medical Group, our licensed physical therapists are certainly happy to help you with your therapy needs. For more information about our physical therapy services, call us at 410-730-3399 to set up an appointment today!

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Does Your Child Need A School Physical?

Doctors in Elkridge, MD

In an environment where children learn and grow, it is crucial that the health and overall condition of children is important to consider. Medical problems can cause issues in school performance in children, such as the inability to concentrate due to general physical discomfort or lack of sleep. By having an annual physical provides the opportunity to check for health problems and will make it less difficult to identify issues. Even if your child has no history of health issues, it is still important to schedule a physical at least once every two years. On the other hand, children with chronic medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes should be examined annually.

There is not much of a difference between a normal physical and school examination. Weight and height, vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse are all measured. A physician assistant listens for the child’s lungs and heart, and then checks their ears, eyes, throat and nose. If the physical is required for a child to be in a sport, the physician will also test their strength and flexibility. All results of the physical are recorded on forms provided by your school district.

Medical Record
Adolescence is a time where vital changes take place in children’s development. Not only is it convenient to have a physical at school, it is invaluable to keep a yearly updated medical history of your child that helps give doctors and parents awareness of your child’s development over time. A history provides information in detail for physicians to accurately diagnose and monitor vital signs as children progress into puberty. Information includes immunization and vaccination records.

Follow Up
After an exam your child might require additional tests to confirm a diagnosis. At our on-site laboratory, we conveniently give on-site X-ray services and other necessary tests. If your child needs to be treated for an injury, or needs a prescription, it is vital to contact your healthcare provider. Through school physicals, medical professionals can discover the true medical condition of children to find out of any difficulties they may have that have not yet been identified. It is always easier to treat illnesses and injuries if detected early on.


If your child needs their school physical administered, stop by Centennial Medical Group!  We’ll make sure your child is in good health to kick off the school year!  For more information about our physical exam services, call us at 410-730-3399 to set up an appointment today!

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How to Have a Healthy Summer

Summer Health Tips

Summer is the season where everyone wants to be in their prime, but what are some ways you can start practicing healthy habits and get the summer body you desire?  It’s all about making healthy lifestyle choices that can last you all year long.

Here are a few summer health tips you can practice to optimize you health!

Switch Up Your Diet

Two servings of fruit and one of vegetables each day provides a nutritious baseline for a healthy lifestyle. Eating foods that grow in season are the freshest, including basil, corn, tomatoes, melons, avocado, nuts and seeds helps boost your immune system. A blended smoothie of these provides you with antioxidants and healthy fats and help maintain the balance of carbohydrates in your body.


Continue to Drink Water

When it’s hot out, you lose a significant portion of water through sweat. This is why it’s necessary to replace the water lost in your body by drinking more water than what you would with your usual routine. Staying hydrated helps with your body’s processes and in fully-functioning condition. Drinking as little as possible of other liquids such as alcohol, soda and other diuretics helps to retain water.


Get Out and Exercise

There is no better way to enjoy your summer than to go for a run or walk in nature. However, given the heat that persists into the nights, it is important to go take advantage of those longer days and work out in the morning. Between 12 and 3 PM are the day’s hottest hours. Run to work or your next destination! The season of Summer allows us to ditch our vehicles as a primary method of transportation and get some Vitamin D from the shining sun.

Take Time to Relax

Use the season to your full advantage. Relax, sleep more, or even take a vacation. Your body and mind has earned the right to sit back and partake in the season where everyone can relax.  With more time to enjoy outside, it is good to give your smartphone or computer a rest and go for a walk or hike in your local park or beach. It is a refreshing way to relax, and keeps you active.


Taking a break will allow you to get away from your daily routine to refresh and recharge!


If you’re looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes, be sure to consult with a physician at Centennial Medical Group today!  For more information about the services we provide, please call to speak with one of our medial professionals at 410-730-3399.

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Change Up Your Routine to Avoid Dehydration

Water makes up approximately 70 percent of the Earth and about 60 percent of the human body. Needless to say, water is a vital part of our everyday life. Having the knowledge to recognize the signs of dehydration or how to avoid it, is beneficial for the longevity of your health. You want to keep your body functioning without any issue for as long as possible. It all begins with drinking water. If it is a lifestyle change you are looking for or how to keep hydrated, here are a few recommendations to avoid dehydration!

Drink Water Consistently

Drinking water constantly and not once in awhile is a great place to start. The most simple way to avoid dehydration is to drink enough water. Of course age, gender, and a person’s metabolism can be a factor. However, the average person should drink at least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Drinking throughout the day while at work in intervals is a great method. Drinking huge gulps is not the best solution because you may find yourself running for the restroom soon after.

Dress According to the Weather

How you dress can affect the fluid levels within your body. During the summer months the hot days most likely result in you sweating and feeling more thirsty than usual. Picking your clothing based upon the weather is actually important. Lighter colors do not absorb radiation compared to darker colors. Also, cotton is a favorable choice that is beneficial to let your skin breath. A dark and thick sweatshirt is not ideal for a heatwave.

Drink More Water

In the summer, iced coffee and alcohol are two beverages that are more prominent during these months. They are also two diuretics that increase urination which causes the body to lose water resulting in dehydration. If coffee is something you cannot live without in the morning hours, drink a cup of water alongside the coffee. Same thing for alcohol! For every alcoholic beverage, have a glass of water ready to drink with it!

Indulge in Fruits and Vegetables

Produce are your go to sources of food to avoid dehydration. Vegetables and fruits have a high amount of water beneficial to your daily health. Incorporating produce along with drinking water will ensure proper hydration as well as the inclusion of vitamins and minerals. Chia seeds are great to add to any meal or salad because they absorb and retain water in the body!

The side effects that come along with dehydration such as dry mouth, cracked lips, fatigue, and dizziness are all avoidable. An individual who is consistent with drinking water and eating the appropriate foods will avoid the sensations of being dehydrated.

For more summer health tips, consult with a physician at Centennial Medical Group.  Call or stop by today!

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Summer Health Tips

summer health tips in Elkridge MD

With the arrival of summer, the kids are out of school and the weather is finally getting warmer, which means you’ll find yourself planning day trips with the family.  The start of the new season also brings along health conditions that have been stored away all winter, so here are a few health tips to help you enjoy a fun and healthy summer!

Turn activities into exercise: Warmer weather calls for being spending more time outdoors, being active.  Regular exercise has been shown to improve overall health, lower stress, and reduce chronic joint pain.  Simple activities like a day trip to the zoo, visiting an amusement park, or long bike rides ad hikes can go a long way!

Stay hydrated: During the hotter days, it’s imperative to drink more water to reduce your chances of dehydration.  Dehydration can lead to a number of life-threatening conditions and injuries, making it essential to always have water on hand during the hot summer days.

Stay in the shade: While you may want to enjoy a nice get-away to the beach, limit your exposure to direct sunlight when the UV-rays are most powerful, and if you plan on being outdoors during peak times, be sure to regularly apply sunscreen, and wear UV-protective gear such as sunglasses, a brim hat, and long-sleeves and pants to limit exposure.

Prevent mosquito bites: Mosquitoes are most active during night, dawn, and dusk, so if you plan on being outdoors during those times of the day, be sure to apply insect repellent and wear protective clothing.

See your doctor: If you’ve been suffering through nagging pains all winter and spring, stop waiting and visit your physician.  You’ll want to feel your best during the summer months, so take the time to visit your physician so an injury doesn’t sideline you this summer.


For more summer health tips, be sure to visit Centennial Medical, or call us at 410-730-3399.

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